Getting Started

It’s about learning.

George Siemens:

“Learning is vulnerability. When we learn, we make ourselves vulnerable. When we engage in learning, we communicate that we want to grow, to become better, to improve ourselves.”

As leaders in education, where can we start learning? How do we build that network.  Where can we safely ask the questions that will help us understand how education is changing?

OSSEMOOC is the hub to start that learning.  Designed as a starting point where school and system leaders can begin to connect and learn about educational technology at their own pace, OSSEMOOC is a supported and supportive learning environment.

Where do you start?

1) Register here:

2) Follow this page to receive email updates.  Enter your email address and click the “follow” button on the left margin of this page (it looks like this:).

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 5.56.22 AM

2) Do you have some ideas about what you would like to learn?  Feedback is collected here:

3) Consider commenting on one of the daily readings or videos here:

4) Please share!  Conversations are where learning happens. Would you participate as a panelist in an online discussion? Email OSSEMOOC here: ossemooc at

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