Day 2: Keep It Short!

Make it short….  that’s what I learned today!

When I posted my 4th instalment in my “Gedding It” Series yesterday, I knew it was still way too long.  In this age of the global information trough, I knew no one would get to the end. So why did I sweat over it so much?!?

A few months ago I saw Seth Godin’s blog and thought: that’s what I need. Short quick posts that don’t need a lot of time to read or write.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 10.41.43 PM

Then the same idea popped out at me this morning in Designing What’s Next in Teachers’ Professional Development by @mpelochino (ironically in a long post worth reading to the end).  Short, quick, 2-minute PD!

And then it came up this afternoon again, in a SimpleK12 webinar on the value of making short chunked screencasts — for students and teacher PD!

OK universe. I finally get the message!! (-:

Make it quick, get to the point. Provide links for the people who want depth. Don’t sweat the small stuff (except the links). Imperfect’s better than not done at all.

And that just makes everything a whole lot easier on everyone.


Written and shared by Cathy Beach

Recently Retired and Loving I.T.!

Optimistic about the future of education; still busy learning and sharing the connected learning.

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2 thoughts on “Day 2: Keep It Short!”

  1. I really enjoyed OTRK12 this year (again). I certainly attended excellent sessions that I will take back ideas for my e-Learning classes, but the opportunity to network with other like-minded colleagues is of paramount importance.


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