Day 7: A Future Space for Teachers to Share

What did you learn today?

Submitted by: Louise Robitaille

On March 27th 2014, Pete Douglas and I were invited by the TLLP (Teacher Learning and Leardership Program) team to attend a focus group discussion with TVO. We were happy to attend the meeting but curious to learn what it was all about.

At the meeting, we learned that TVO, the Ministry of Education and OTF (Ontario Teacher Federation) are working together on a project that I think will be beneficial to all teachers across the province. The goal is to develop an online platform for developing knowledge exchange for teachers in Ontario.  How exciting is that!

TVO shared that their platform will serve 3 functions:

  • Explore – educators will have access to materials that support teaching and learning, teacher blogs, Ministry resources and more.
  • Share  – an interactive space for teachers to connect and discuss best practice.
  • Create – this space will investigate how new technology can be used in classrooms.

The group was given a chance to brainstorm ideas about what we thought the online space could look like.  A few ideas that came up were to have 2-minute videos that explain ideas or concepts (similar to youtube), or something similar to Netflix where the TVO site would make personalized recommendations based on interest and perhaps reviews from educators.  I also liked the idea of video clips of classrooms in action from across the province and the idea of having “Teacher Talk” similar to Ted talks.  The sky is the limit, but of course the challenge will be to make the site user friendly with a one or two click stop.

We were given the chance to see the prototype. It is an innovated project that has great potential for teachers in Ontario. This site will be the place where teachers can go to find whatever information they need to support their learning and teaching.  Educators across the province will be able to share, to collaborate and be given the chance to create knowledge. These are exciting times in education and it’s so important for teachers to have a place where they can learn, work and play together. Thanks to the TVO team, I look forward to the experience and will definitely be spreading the news.

What would you like to see on this online space?

About Louise Robitaille

Louise Robitaille

Louise Robitaille is an elementary teacher who is interested in inquiry-based learning & iPad technology in the classroom.



On Twitter: @robitaille2011

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