Day 9: The Power of Support in Sharing

What I Learned Today: The Power of Support in Sharing #OSSEMOOC

Written and Shared by Jaclyn Calder

Last week Donna Fry challenged us to share. Through this #OSSEMOOC post, she asked us to write a blog post about what we learned today.

The day that Donna sent out this challenge I had spent the day working with a TLLP team in my school around the next steps of our project. The first order of the day was to share what we had learned already. Each teacher wrote a blog post while we were all in the same physical room. For many of us, this was one of our first blog posts. Our goal was to share at least one good thing that had happened in our classroom as part of our journey towards 1:1 BYOD Blended Learning.

Teachers shared posts about the following classroom activities on our TLLP blog

What I learned from the process was the power of support in sharing. As we all sat together in the workroom and people learned how to work the blog platform, embed samples of student work and write up their learning in an engaging manner, teachers talked and chatted. Many felt that they didn’t have anything exciting to share, but once we started talking, others in the group jumped on board and started encouraging each other. Pointing out the great practices that were embedded in their classroom activities and how they may adapt the activities to fit other subject area and classes. Teachers even commented on each others blog posts. The atmosphere was amazing, supportive and critical.

What really resonated with me during the process was the importance of support (moral and technical) to start sharing. We talk about the importance of sharing the good things happening in our classrooms, and becoming connected educators – but how often do we embed the time and support to do the actual sharing as part of our professional development?

This morning of sharing and supporting one another has to be one of my favourite days working with colleagues.

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3 thoughts on “Day 9: The Power of Support in Sharing”

  1. Great post – this is such a good point. Educators no longer need to be isolated. With all the wonderful communication tools we have we can easily communicate with other educators through networks like this. George Couros wrote a great post – ‘Isolation is a choice teachers now make.’

    We need to continue to look for innovative ways to collaborate, share and support those who are taking the leap into new technology and social media!


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