Find Your People

On May 20th I had the opportunity via  @Ossemooc  to virtually be a part of the  TedxKitchenerED  audience. The presentations were insightful, and powerful reminders of all the fantastic moments we have in education to impact the lives of our students,  our colleagues and our school communities.  One of the main ideas that resonated with me and that I referred back to many times in the past month was made by Ed Doadt  (@eddoadt)  during his TedTalk:


In finding your people, you surround yourself with like-minded, passionate and brilliant people who see your strengths,  challenge you,  help you achieve your goals and expand your horizons and when necessary,  support you by being an amazing cheering section. In their strength,  and support,  your people understand your trials and tribulations and they also celebrate your successes,  both big and small.  By surrounding yourself with a strong, positive and supportive PLN, there is no limit to what you and “your people” can achieve for both yourself and your students.

Find your people and change the world!

This Picture and Post was shared by  Stacey Wallwin

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