Learning is Messy

We have all heard the phrase ‘learning is messy’.

When we hear the phrase, do we think only about student learning?

Are we okay with the idea that our learning will be messy too?  We will be frustrated, we may get emotional, and we may be afraid to keep going.

Learning is messy. Expect it! Do it anyway!

Learning is Messy from James Michie on Vimeo.

Here is more thinking on messy learning from Dr. Jackie Gerstein.


2 thoughts on “Learning is Messy”

  1. “it is free from constraints…” I really appreciated that quote as I sleepily move through my last day of the week.,…..

    Last night, I knew I needed to figure out how to change my math program to suit my current group of learners. It took me hours and it wasn’t until 11pm that I finally had a plan that encompassed all the components I wanted….
    Learning, free from constraints (and timelines and classroom walls and bed times…..).


  2. Yes, Learning is soooooooo messy – especially as adults on journeys of unlearning and relearning and exploring new ideas and possibilities. I’m so grateful that some of the educational world is embracing the Fail philosophy: “First Attempt In Learning”, and encouraging each other to “Try Again, Fail Again. Fail Better.” [Samual Beckett]. And then the last step is to share what we learn with each other as we sort out these new ideas and possibilities. I absolutely believe that we are surfing the wave of monumental change, and that it’s vital that we support and help each other to get back up when we fall. (-;


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