Ten Minutes of Connecting: Day 9 – Beginning to Share Content

Update: We have added a screencast guide to today’s learning.  We hope this is helpful for you!


Over the past week we have been looking at different ways to find content online to help us with our professional learning.  While we still have more tools to explore, today we are taking a pause and looking at the bigger picture.

At one time, we would read articles, and if they were useful to us, we might clip them or copy them, and file them away for future use.  Everyone had their own private filing cabinet full of clipped articles and other resources they might pull out later to use for specific purposes.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 4.15.47 PM
 Sarah Cady via Compfight cc

Now we search and save online, but it is much more powerful if we share what we are saving.

For example, if I taught Geography of Canada, I might clip articles about ecozones or national parks.  But what if I had access to the articles that all of the Geography of Canada teachers were clipping, sorting, and saving?

As we collect content and think critically about how we can use it and/or integrate it into our practice, we can organize that content and share it with others.  This is the beginning step as we move toward content curation.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 4.13.52 PM

We will be digging into the idea of content curation as we work through the next week.  Today we want to keep it simple and explore how “social bookmarking” works to help us aggregate resources. While our video selection is a bit dated, we do love how it really breaks down the ideas.  If you have a more recent video to share, please suggest it in the comments.

Please take about four minutes and see how social bookmarking can help make the process of accessing resources so much more efficient for you and your Professional Learning Network!

Social Bookmarking by Common Craft




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“Share” photo credit: Funchye via Compfight cc


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