Ten Minutes of Connecting: Day 27 – more blog considerations

If you have been actively working through the steps in this getting connected in ten minutes a day series, perhaps you are feeling a little overwhelmed about moving into the blogging world.  To recap, the last few posts have covered: start a blog, a beginners guide, now what and blogging as a portfolio – all big steps in the online world.

Take a deep breath.  In this post, we will share a few more tips from our own personal blogging experiences.

Your blog is your online space.   In the beginning, you may feel like your finding your way – finding your online voice so to speak.  It is all about perspective.  You are writing for you:  your voice, your topic choice, your timelines and your style.

Part of being successful as a blog author is setting realistic expectations for yourself.  Seriously consider the:

  • frequency of posting:  schedule vs just when it seems to fit
  • length of post – noting that not everything is thesis
  • the “why” – just sharing, a deeper look at something, an opinion?
  • time to find/obtain related media (links, graphics, videos)
  • style – write the way you like to write – this is you – be yourself
  • accept that your purpose and/or style may shift over time


That! is a blog post

Writing in Snipits – How I blog by Royan Lee

Check out the evolution of Nikki Morden Cormier’s blog.

What are you thinking?

Just Make It Public


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