February 3, 2015: Creating Healthy Conditions for Learning (For Everyone)

Note: Please be sure to read the summary of our thinking from January 27 (below)

It’s February!

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Photo Credit: Kordite via Compfight cc

This is a great time to check in on your #onewordONT for 2015.  How are you doing?  Are you being true to your word in your practice?  We’d love to chat about your progress.

This week, we will also continue our conversation around deep professional learning.  Our lead question is,

What does it look like when we create “Healthy Conditions for Learning” for students and adults in our buildings?

It comes from the work of Kristen Swanson.  It would be helpful if you could read her blog post before our session together.  From Kristen, here are the 5 prompt questions from her session at Educon:

1. Student achievement is most influenced by classroom practice, and classroom practice is most influenced by teacher learning. Do you agree with this? Do you have evidence to support your belief?

2. Are teachers learners? Are teachers encouraged to be learners?

3. Does the typical model of PD support learning?

4. What if the only PD ever offered by a school was “How to Learn Something When You Want to Know Something?”

5. What do well designed learning experiences for adults look like?

Please join us [here] after 7:30 p.m. EST on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 to share your thinking on these questions.



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