How Do We Get to Here?

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3 thoughts on “How Do We Get to Here?”

  1. Hey Donna,

    I responded to you on my blog post but wanted to share the same comment here in this space. Here it is:

    I think that there has to be some leaders that have gone this way before and can attest the power of this. Changing culture through the use of technology starts at sending that first tweet, but it does not stop there. I think that we have to be more thoughtful of this process in our own work as we often stop before we REALLY get started and go deep with learning. The best boards keep their focus and attention on a direction, and continuously work to get better for that vision. Unfortunately we get so distracted and lose focus on doing a few things in the pursuit of trying to do everything. Simply put, the best organizations do less better.

    Thanks for your question and your constant push!

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  2. Thanks, George, for taking the time to share your thinking about this.

    Certainly there are leaders in Ontario who have embraced this change. i wonder about how best to help other leaders see the value of connected learning, of digital leadership, of reflecting openly and modeling local and global collaboration.

    How does this become what is valued by the system?

    How do we share this with education leaders who are not learning from the online spaces where this sharing is happening? How do we convince them that change is even needed?

    I will share here some of Aviva Dunsiger’s thinking on this as she has shared it on her own blog:

    As a principal, I knew that I had to go to where the people (parents, community members) were if I wanted to reach them. How, then, do we reach the educators who are not currently learning in digital spaces, to share with them the value and the “what if?” possibilities to grow their learning and practice through the use of technology?


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