May 11: Becoming Connected – Finding Your Way on Twitter

This week, we look at ways to build our Professional Learning Network Online.  How do we forge the connections that help to sustain us in our work, support us in our learning and in our quest to find our next practice?

We will continue to use the November 2014, 30 Days to Getting Connected (in 10 Minutes Each Day) as a basis for our work, but we will now start to connect more with each other and with educators online.

Each day we will post a screencast and a challenge to help you move forward with your learning.

Monday, May 11, 2015: Connecting Using Twitter


Please complete “Ten Minutes of Connecting Day 5, Twitter is Where it is Happening”


If you are not on Twitter, please get an account today.

If you are on Twitter already, your challenge today is to follow all of the others in our list here.  If you feel ready, try posting one thing you have learned this month using the hashtag #ossemooc



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