Hey Ontario, What’s Your Next? [A Collaborative Video Project]

“The whole world is watching to see what Ontario does next.”

Simon Breakspear, Ontario Leadership Congress, April 2015

So we are asking, what’s your next?

What will you learn? What will you read? What will you create?

Pack your thinking into a 15 to 20 second video clip.  We’ll put the clips together into a final product where we show the world what our next will be, on a very practical, “this is what it looks like” scale.

This is a peek into the “HOW” of implementation – how people leading on the front line are making change in their day to day work.

This is about the next choice you plan to make to improve your practice.

We practiced creating a collaborative video  back in May under the expert guidance of Darren Kuropatwa and Alan Levine.  Here is the final product we created together in just over an hour:

Your video clip can include an object, your image, a screenshot, a screencast or a combination of all of these.  Briefly explain your next step in your professional learning.  Please stick to the 15 to 20 second limit so that we can share 3 to 4 examples per minute.

Please be sure that the audio is loud and clear!  Remember that if you are using an iPhone, you want the phone to be in “landscape” orientation (turn it on its side) when you record the video.

Email the video file as an attachment to ossemooc_1c02@sendtodropbox.com.  Please put your name in the filename of the submission so that we can credit you in the final product.

Please get your clips into the dropbox before August 30.


The final product will be licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike License. It will be posted on YouTube and shared on the OSSEMOOC site.  It will be presented at the K12 Online Conference 2015. Personal identification will be by credit only at the end of the video.


Learning Connection Session Resources

Thanks again to Aviva Dunsiger (@avivaloca) for an informative and inspiring session on leveraging social media for learning, connections and community. Here are the resources from the session:

1. Session Recording

2. Podcast – to be added

3. Slidedeck via slideshare.

4. Class Daily Shoot.

5. A story about literacy centres.

6. 105 The Hive – student led internet radio

7. Bloggers cafe with livescribe.

8. Ideas for parent engagement.

9. Digital Citizenship survival kit

Happy learning!