What Do We Mean By Learning Anyway?

A Connected Educator Month 2015 Event starting on October 1st!

Join Brenda Sherry and Peter Skillen in a collective, month long, discussion to:Cloud Computing Small text

  • extend and deepen our understanding of the term learning
  • participate in a knowledge building approach to collaboration
  • model deep practices for our professional learning environments (colleagues and/or classrooms)

Brief Description (see full site for details)

We will spend the month exploring, unpacking, and discussing what we mean by the term learning. This will include:

  • building background knowledge through sharing and reading resources related to the topic
  • introductory Twitter Chat
  • co-creation of a slidedeck of our ideas
  • reflective Twitter chat
  • contemplative rewriting of our slides
  • culminating creation of reflection statementsVector illustration of two communicating people

We will use a knowledge-building approach to this event.

“If Knowledge building had to be described in a single sentence, it would be: ‘giving students collective responsibility for idea improvement‘.  In Knowledge Building, students work together as a community to build and improve explanations of problems of understanding that arise from the group itself.” (We will be the students in this project!)

So please join us! Go to What Do We Mean By Learning Anyway? for all the details to get started!


Peter Skillen & Brenda Sherry with the support of OSSEMOOC


Twitter for Absolute Beginners Starts Today

Do you know someone who wants to learn about Twitter but can’t find the time?

For the next three weeks, OSSEMOOC is curating resources on getting started with Twitter, and offering a MOOC-style opportunity to learn on your own time, and at your own pace, how to get started learning on Twitter.

The course home page is here: https://twitterforabsolutebeginners.wordpress.com/ and if you want to receive information by email, please register with your email account here (scroll down).

Please share this with colleagues who might not yet be online and who might want to learn with us.

Fall OSSEMOOC Courses

As we settle into the 2015-2016 school year, the shift to connected and digital leadership,  collaboration for learning, and the importance of sharing have been emphasized at many levels in the Ontario school system, including #summerinstitute15, #fallsimk12, #fallsim15 and LearnTeachLead.org.

Many educators have expressed the need for direct instruction on how to access and leverage social media for professional learning.  In response, OSSEMOOC is offering a series of courses this fall to support Ontario educators (all others are welcome as well) in their efforts to learn how to use social media in their work.

Courses will consist of synchronous online instruction (recorded), instructional videos, screencasts and collaborative projects.  As always, we suggest that you find someone with experience on Twitter to act as a face-to-face mentor for your learning in the courses (if possible).

Course Offerings

Twitter for Absolute Beginners

This 3-week course is for educators who want to learn to access the infinite opportunities for professional learning on Twitter, but who have never learned how to find the learning that meets their needs.

Week 1: Using Twitter as a Library: How to Access Information (no Twitter account required)

Week 2: Creating a Twitter Account: How to Create a Positive Professional Online Presence on Twitter

Week 3: The Anatomy of a Tweet: Understanding the Language of Twitter

September 28 to October 16, 2015

November 9 to November 27, 2015


Twitter for Self-Directed Professional Learning

This 3-week course is for educators who have a Twitter account, but who feel unsure about how to use it for professional learning.  A Twitter Account is required for this course.

Week 1: Building your Online Professional Learning Network

Week 2: Tweeting

Week 3: Curating Online Content

October 19 to November 6, 2015


Twitter for Education Leaders

This 3-week course is for school and system leaders who want to leverage the power of Twitter to enhance communications between the school, the board and the community.

Week 1: Building Your Understanding of the Power of Social Media

Week 2: Building a Positive Digital Footprint

Week 3: Building Your Audience

November 9 to November 27, 2015


Leveraging Twitter for Rich Professional Learning

This course is for educators who have spent some time on Twitter, but who want to refine their understanding of social media for professional learning.  This course is ideal for educators who have a Twitter account and who use Twitter now and then, but don’t make use of social media on a daily basis.

Week 1: Building and Refining your Professional Learning Network (PLN)

Week 2: Twitter Tools for Learning

Week 3: Twitter chats and conversations

January 11 to January 29 (2016)


Registration is free and there is no obligation to participate if you change your mind or your schedule does not allow you to be involved.

The courses are based on the Constructivist MOOC approach.  A number of learning opportunities will be organized for you.  As a professional learner, you access the opportunities you need for your professional learning.  We will support your learning.  Success in a MOOC is often enhanced when educators learn as a group, so encourage your colleagues to register and learn with you.

Register for courses here:

A course calendar will be sent to you by email one week prior to the start of your course.

All course materials and learning opportunities will be completely open and advertised on the OSSEMOOC site for any participants.

We look forward to learning with you!