Day 3 of Connected Learning!

If you are just joining us today, please refer to this post where we share what we are up to!

We are working together to push and nudge each other to become connected leaders before the end of 2015.

We encourage you – we “nudge” you – to start today!

Today we are beginning to think about what we can learn professionally in online environments (access the learning here).

Please take a moment to also consider what professional learning is meant to be.

Ontario College of Teachers Standards of Practice
Ontario College of Teachers Standards of Practice

We begin to share the vast amount of learning available online.

We ask you to contribute your favourite sites online for professional learning so that we might share that back with others.

Learning online can start out as a one-way experience, but over the next 27 days, we will teach you how to be participatory in the online learning culture, so that it will be a much richer professional experience for you.

Congratulations on continuing your learning today.  

We look forward to continuing to learn with you.

Day 3: What Can You Learn Online?


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