Ontario as a Networked Learning Environment: Empowering Leaders

Sincere thanks to the many Ontario Education Leaders who supported OSSEMOOC and learned together over the past two years.

OSSEMOOC is no longer funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education, and therefore, it is no longer maintained by OSAPAC.

However, all co-created resources remain on this site, open and accessible to those who want to continue to use them for self-directed learning.

Over the past two years, OSSEMOOC has worked to empower leaders to be digital leaders in a networked learning environment.

The motivation to learn, and access to the tools to self-direct learning, are vital.

Knowing how to connect with other educators and how to model the learning we need to see in our classrooms are key ingredients to ensure Ontario students are learning what they need to learn to thrive in 2016 and beyond.

We are grateful for the many leaders, both formal and informal, who have participated, led and learned with us since OSSEMOOC began in 2014.

Ontario students need connected leaders and we are proud of how Ontario has embraced digital leadership in education.