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#InnovatorsMindset Blog Hop!

Welcome to our first event/activity to help share our thinking in the #innovatorsmindset #ossemooc book study.

Our first blog hop prompt is:

What Does Innovation Mean to You?

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*Featured image shared by Tina Zita.

Change Readiness: What is your approach?

Today’s Picture & Post is by Mark W. Carbone.

I typically listen to  Craig Norris on CBC KW 89.1  on my morning drive  into the office and yesterday was no different.  I happened to catch an interview Craig did with Roger Farwell, the new CEO of Creative Enterprise Inc.


What caught my attention in the interview was the idea of one’s “change stance”.   In a time of rapid change you can sit back and see what happens OR actively ‘play in the space’ to position yourself for the best possible outcome.

Lets apply this notion to education.  This is a time of rapid change in many areas of the K12 environment.

  • instructional practice: facilitated, inquiry based, PBL, collaborative etc.
  •  assessment practices
  • technology enabled learning
  • SAMR
  • owning your own professional learning
  • sharing
  • reflecting
  • collaborating
  • making your thinking visible
  • mobility
  • technology trends
  • bring your own devices (BYOD)
  • etc.

Summer reflection challenge:  What will your approach be to educational change?  Will you sit back and see what happens OR actively ‘play in the space’ to position yourself for the best possible outcome?

Read the CBC Creative Enterprise Initiative (CEI) post.

OSSEMOOC Double Header Learning Day

Mark your calendar for  OSSEMOOC  double header  learning day on June 17th.

4:00 Event:   Join Manitoba’s  Darren Kuropatwa (spotlight speaker at Connect 2014) to dig into Digital Storytelling for Education Leaders.  Darren’s work is engaging and fun.  He has so much to share about digital storytelling!  The meeting room  will be open at 3:30 EDT.  Click  [here]  to join.

Note: Darren will also be joining Alan Levine (@cogdog) to host a major event for OSSEMOOC in the fall.


8:00 Event:   Join Stephen Hurley (CEA, Keynote OTRK12 2014) to explore questions about schools and learning.  What do we change? What do we keep?


Use your voice and join the meeting room [here] (meeting room open at 7:30 EDT).

Note: Stephen will also be leading a fall event for OSSEMOOC.

We look forward to learning through these sessions.