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UnGoogleable Questions

Part of my weekly routine is to check out the Twitter  #cdnedchat hashtag stream.  I have learned that there is always something interesting to check out.

The words “UnGoogleable Questions”  in this post seemed to  jump right out at me.   While Google is a great tool that provides almost instantaneous access to limitless information,  it is important to pause and recognize that this is just the beginning in the context of a learning journey.

Ungoogleable Questions

What does the notion of “UnGoogleable Questions” mean to you in terms of asking,  inquiry, probing and going deeper with learning?  How might this impact your professional practice?

Resource: Link to full  blog post.

This picture and post was submitted by Mark W. Carbone.

The Power of Imagery for Provocation

I’ve been following Royan Lee (@royanlee) on twitter, and his blog called “The Spicy Learning Blog” ever since I started an account with twitter.  His latest post “The Power of Imagery for Provocation” talks about how images can provoke curiosity and interest in our students.

This is a great way to start an inquiry!


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Shared by Louise Robitaille (@Robitaille2011)

Inquiry-based Learner & SERT with Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board

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