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Day 4 of Connected Learning

If you are just joining us today, please refer to this post where we share what we are up to!

Never before has there been such an abundance of information to contribute to our learning.  At the same time, there is no doubt that our collective plates are brimming over with things to do.  As a positive, we challenge ourselves  to think differently and explore ways to learn on the go.


I thought I would share a couple of ideas that have improved my mobile learning.  Part of my practice is to capture information using Notability on my iPad.  This is a powerful app that allows me to write, record, and insert images in documents that I can refer to at any point in time.  One of the things I like to do is re-listen to my recordings in the car.  You can apply this idea to other mediums too, such as  a  livescribe pen.  

Enjoy Day 4:  Listen While You Work.   We look forward to hearing about your learning on the go ideas too.

Oh yes.  If you know a colleague that might like to participate in the 30 days of connected program,  give them a nudge! 



Ten Minutes of Connecting: Day 4 – Listen While You Work

As education leaders, we often find that there are not enough hours in the day.  The “job” never really has an ending point.  We have to figure out for ourselves  how to carve out some time for our own professional learning so that we can keep up with the very fast pace of change.

What if we did some learning while working (or walking, or working out)?

Podcasts are one way to learn while you work.  If you have an mp3 player, you can download podcasts from a number of different sources and listen to them when you are exercising, washing dishes, or commuting to work.

If you aren’t sure yet how to download podcasts, you can also listen to many of them from your laptop.  Some examples have been provided below.

The Whole Child Podcast (ASCD)

Moving at the Speed of Creativity (edtech from Wes Fryer)

Inquiring Minds

Quirks and Quarks

The Current (CBC Radio)

You can find information on how to download podcasts to your iPhone, iPad or iPod here, or you can use one of the many podcasting apps available free.

Ontario teacher Royan Lee tells about his love of podcasts here, and suggests “Downcast” as one of the best apps for accessing podcasts.

If you are already a podcast fan, what are some of your favourite educational podcasts?


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