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Are You Really Willing to be Disturbed?

On my office wall, I keep a disorganized array of quotes, articles, images and post-it notes with tidbits that inspire, remind or reinforce the work that I do every day.

This morning, while in a challenging telephone conversation, I looked up and saw this article:

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.48.30 PM

It reminded me that we are all on a learning journey, not just our students.  While we are creating the conditions for learning in our schools, we need to remember to allow ourselves to be confused and uncertain as well.

Will you find time today to listen to those who think differently than you do?

Collaborative Blogging: What Did You Learn Today?

#OSSEMOOC is excited to announce a new project for April:

30 Days of Learning in Ontario: What Did You Learn Today?

“Days of Learning” Collaborative Blogs are common.  Here are just a few examples:

Parkland School Division, Alberta: http://www.psdblogs.ca/184/

Delta School Division (British Columbia): http://www.psdblogs.ca/184/

30 Days of Learning is a collective/collaborative blog where each day, someone in the Ontario Education Community shares something they have learned.

We know that personal reflection is a key ingredient for learning.  By reflecting on, and sharing our learning, we are modelling the practice for others.

We know that to drive innovative thinking forward, we must be willing to take risks.  This collective blog provides a safe prompt and a community of support to help educators take advantage of an opportunity to begin openly sharing their learning.

We want your contribution!

What did you learn today?  Please respond in 500 words or less (aim for around 300).  It can be in writing, audio, video, or a combination.  Ask if you need help finding images suitable for publication (creative commons licensed, for example).

Email you submission to ossemooc at gmail.com.  Include your First and Last Name (mandatory), and a short bio, your blog address and your twitter handle if you like.

(Use this form: https://ossemooc.wordpress.com/submit-your-blot-post-here/)

Please submit asap, as the first 30 submissions will be published.  The “official” launch of the project will occur at OTRK12.

Thanks for your support, and we look forward to reading about your learning!