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Day 13: What’s the Scoop?

One of the most powerful aspects of our connected journey is making connections and information “work for us” by informing (and challenging) our professional practice. There is no doubt that we live in an information rich time, so having tools to help us locate  and organize information relevant to us is important.

What’s the Scoop?

The getting connected task for today is to explore a curation tool known as Scoop It.  Day 13  walks you through taking a look, signing up and curating your own content.

Happy curating!


May 21, 2015: Curating Content with Scoop.It

Yesterday we looked at the important digital literacy skill of curation.  Today, we learn to use a popular curation platform (Sccop.It) both as a place to gather curated material in areas you are interested in and as a place for you to share back content that you want to curate.

As a resource, we are using Day 13 from our 30 Days of Getting Connected: Curating with Scoop.It.


As a challenge today, set up your own Scoop.It account and share a link you have found valuable this month.  Then, share back on Twitter using the #OSSEMOOC hashtag.

Curating OSSEMOOC content

One of the beneficial aspects of connected online learning is tailoring the content to your interests.   Web services such as  RSS  feeds, scoop.it  and  paper.li  are great ways to define or filter the content, which then provides you a more efficient and meaningful learning experience.

This week we have launched an OSSEMOOC online newsletter keyed on the  #ossemooc  twitter hashtag, the  @ossemooc  twitter account and corresponding terms in the Google Plus environment.

The OSSEMOOC weekly will be published each Tuesday.  Our first issue,  published on April 1st, 2014 in conjunction with the  On the Rise K12  conference event, is available  [here].

We hope this will capture a good synopsis of the  “week in action”,  provide you with great learning and introduce you to new new people to connect with.

Happy connecting and learning.