Welcome to Open, Connected Learning for Ontario Education Leaders.  Here is a quick link to what we are trying to accomplish here.

You are a busy, dedicated, hard-working K-12 education professional.  How can you learn more about the effective use of technology in education in a way that fits into your schedule, allows you to learn on your own time, connects you with other learners, and does not require a commitment to attend, perform and produce?

OSSEMOOC (Ontario School and System Leader Educational Technology Massive Open Online Community) is a free community-building learning opportunity for Ontario Education Leaders provided by OSAPAC (Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee).

OSSEMOOC will provide quality, curated events that build capacity in technology-enhanced learning and teaching. The learning opportunities will include international guests from the education community, as well as, events conducted by other jurisdictions that will be announced on the OSSEMOOC event calendar so that you can choose your own online learning experiences.

The Ontario Leadership Framework will guide the learning in the open online community to ensure the experience is meaningful for those in Principal, Vice Principal and Supervisory Officer roles. The OSSEMOOC will:

  • promote knowledge of and use of new and emerging technologies for effective learning and teaching
  • build a shared understanding of safe and responsible use in order to support informed decision making
  • support innovative thinking about the complexity of learning and teaching in a digital world

Fullan, in Great to Excellent: Launching the Next Stage of Ontario’s Education Agenda states that when systems go from great to excellent, they must access the knowledge of the group, and peer to peer learning and innovation come to the forefront.

Join us as we build a community to access the knowledge in the province and build a network to share it with each other.

“ They found that when you go from adequate to good to great, a system must invest in direct capacity-building of teachers. But once the system reaches a certain level – let’s call it “greatness” – it requires strategies that mobilize the capacities of peers. They put directly: as capacity gets higher (which is certainly the case in Ontario), peers become the main source of innovation if you are to go from greatness to excellence.”

How do you participate?

1. The sidebar on our main page outlines all events (OSSEMOOC and curated events).  Choose an event that meets your needs and follow the link to attend and learn.  Events will start again in September.

2. Join the OSSEMOOC community by registering here.  This simply allows the OSSEMOOC team to contact you by email (or through other social media) with further information and resources.  We also send links to events by email.

3) Join OSSEMOOC on social media:

Twitter – @OSSEMOOC

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/OSSEMOOC

Google+ Community: OSSEMOOC (closed community – search and request)

4) Request specific learning opportunities: Use this form to request help with learning something specific


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