What is a Constructivist MOOC?

Lisa Lane describes three kinds of MOOCs here.

OSSEMOOC is a Constructivist MOOC (what Lisa would call a network-based MOOC).  It is a way of exploring and sharing resources, and constructing new knowledge through connections.

Please check out the video: “What is a MOOC?” on the “About” page.

It is not a “course” in the true sense of the word, but more of a “community” of learners, constructing learning together.

You opt in when you can and when you want to learn.  You explore the topics being discussed, and perhaps go deeper into particular topics that interest you through connections made here or elsewhere.

The topics, the calendar, the resources are here, as an entry point, and we share in social media where we feel most comfortable or where it best suits our needs.

Welcome to online learning where you are directing your own learning!


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