Curating Visible Learning in #onted

We hope you have enjoyed the work of two Ontario bloggers over the past two days, Leigh Cassell and Michelle Parrish.

After two years of promoting connected learners, OSSEMOOC is updating its blogroll to feature active education bloggers in Ontario and beyond.  You can see to the right  ——>

how we are adding ACTIVE blogs to the site, curated so that you can find what you are looking for.

Please share your blog information with us in the form below.  We will be removing links to blogs that are no longer active.

Thank you for your dedication to making your learning and thinking visible to others.

If you are not a blogger, please continue to visit this site so you might learn from your colleagues, and see examples of educators who believe in building our knowledge together.

Featured image shared under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non-commercial license by Thomas Hawk.


5 thoughts on “Curating Visible Learning in #onted”

  1. Love your blog! Always perspicacious, always inspirational!

    I am completing my PQP 2 and a recent assignment asked us to reflect on the Principal’s intersecting purviews of manager and leader giving attention to the power of the blog‎. A great journal topic in my opinion. Although I’m as of yet an aspirational blogger (ardent micro blogger ie tweeter) I am so inspired by your example. Still figuring it out….

    I’d be happy to share what I wrote.

    Just a thank you from afar for all the wonderful, beautifully crafted writing by which you equip and inspire educators in Ontario!



    Deborah Zamin FSL Instructional Leader Area B Toronto District School Board

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