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Harvard Graduate School of Education on OSSEMOOC

As part of an international study on personalized learning, Harvard Graduate School of Education reported on Ontario’s OSSEMOOC.

Please take time to read the Ontario section of the report, or the full international report here.

Harvard Graduate School of Education Report on OSSEMOOC

Sincere thanks to the many Ontario Education Leaders who supported OSSEMOOC and learned together over the past two years.

OSSEMOOC is no longer funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education, and therefore, it is no longer maintained by OSAPAC.


Ontario as a Networked Learning Environment: Empowering Leaders

Sincere thanks to the many Ontario Education Leaders who supported OSSEMOOC and learned together over the past two years.

OSSEMOOC is no longer funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education, and therefore, it is no longer maintained by OSAPAC.

However, all co-created resources remain on this site, open and accessible to those who want to continue to use them for self-directed learning.

Over the past two years, OSSEMOOC has worked to empower leaders to be digital leaders in a networked learning environment.

The motivation to learn, and access to the tools to self-direct learning, are vital.

Knowing how to connect with other educators and how to model the learning we need to see in our classrooms are key ingredients to ensure Ontario students are learning what they need to learn to thrive in 2016 and beyond.

We are grateful for the many leaders, both formal and informal, who have participated, led and learned with us since OSSEMOOC began in 2014.

Ontario students need connected leaders and we are proud of how Ontario has embraced digital leadership in education.



Ontario Educator Blogs: Checking on on #OneWordONT

We are halfway through 2016 and it’s time to think about how your #OneWordONT has impacted your practice this year!

Thanks to Julie Balen for really digging into the impact of her word so far, reflecting on the impact to her personally and professionally, and the impact on her students.  Thanks also to Kristy Keery Bishop for openly and honestly sharing how her word, stretch, is impacting her in so many ways.

Please let us know how you are doing so far.  Tweet your blog post link on the #OSSEMOOC hashtag on Twitter.

Ontario educators, please read and comment to support these colleagues who have the courage and take the time to make their practice open so we all might learn from them.


Featured image by Julie Balen


Ontario Educator Blogs: Reconsidering “Bullying”

We have amazing thinkers here in #onted!

Take time to read Ontario Educator blogs, and take time to share your blog with us here if you are a blogger in the #onted scene.  Or, Tweet the link to @ossemooc.

Today we are featuring the work of Ontario Blogger, Andrew Kelly (@therealMrKelly).

Andrew wants us to reconsider the use of the word “bully” and the way we approach bullying in schools.  This post is worth your time!


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.16.04 AM
Blog by Andrew Kelly:


Featured Image by Andrew Kelly.

Read More Blogs!

This post from Seth Godin brilliantly explains why writing and reading blogs can be such a powerful professional and personal practice.

Read More Blogs by Seth Godin
From “Read More Blogs” by Seth Godin:

In Ontario, we are fortunate to have so many talented education leaders who reflect and share their learning regularly.

Please check out the relevant and active blogs we link to on this site.

If you are a blogger, add your link to this site here.

Set up Feedly to curate a blog feed here:

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A Focus on Digital Leadership: Learning from Each Other

OSSEMOOC Moving Forward


When leaders make their LEARNING visible, when they make their IDEAS visible, it gives all of us a chance to share and learn together.

An idea shouldn’t stay in your head!  Share it and let others help you make it real.

We are pleased to see how Ontario bloggers, and education bloggers from outside Ontario are sharing their work here at OSSEMOOC.  We have curated the blogs for you to the right, and we have moved “30 days to get connected”, our popular self-directed learning series, to the left of the site.

We continue to invite bloggers to share their links and blog descriptions by filling out the form here (link in upper right of this page).

We are now taking our learning from two years of OSSEMOOC to redesign and rethink how this site can best serve the needs of leading learners in Ontario.

Please help us by sharing your ideas in the comments, or by emailing us at ossemooc at gmail dot com.  We invite you to share in building an open site that supports your learning needs.




Today we feature the blog of SNCDSB Principal Kim Figliomeni (@kfilane). You can access her work here:

Kim shares the wonderful story of becoming a digital leader.  It is inspiring for all leaders working to build their own learning around digital leadership.  Please connect with Kim and share your own journey.  By extending our PLN, we can learn more together.

Thanks to Kim for openly sharing her work with other leading learners.


Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 9.31.56 AM
Blog by Kim Figliomeni:



-Featured image from Pixabay.

Curating Visible Learning in #onted

We hope you have enjoyed the work of two Ontario bloggers over the past two days, Leigh Cassell and Michelle Parrish.

After two years of promoting connected learners, OSSEMOOC is updating its blogroll to feature active education bloggers in Ontario and beyond.  You can see to the right  ——>

how we are adding ACTIVE blogs to the site, curated so that you can find what you are looking for.

Please share your blog information with us in the form below.  We will be removing links to blogs that are no longer active.

Thank you for your dedication to making your learning and thinking visible to others.

If you are not a blogger, please continue to visit this site so you might learn from your colleagues, and see examples of educators who believe in building our knowledge together.

Featured image shared under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non-commercial license by Thomas Hawk.

Classroom Reflections

As we continue our focus on blogging, today we feature the reflective practice of KPDSB teacher Michelle Parrish. We can learn so much from teachers who openly reflect on the work they do with our young people.

You might remember Michelle’s insights as she also generously shared with us as a guest panellist during the Innovator’s Mindset book club Google Hangouts on Air.

Thanks, Michelle, for your generous open practice that helps us build knowledge together.

Please take a moment to read and comment on Michelle’s blog, or the blogs of her students, here:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.17.53 AM.png






Focus on Blogging!

This week, we will focus on the Ontario educators and the aspiring educators who are sharing openly with the world.

We build knowledge together when we share our learning openly.

Dr. Carol Campbell, Advisor to the Ontario Minister of Education, tells us that blogging is the foundation of our professional learning.

We encourage all of you to blog your learning.  Make it open and searchable for others.

This week we will feature Ontario bloggers who are role models for all of us in building this learning together.

Let’s begin with Ontario Education Leader Leigh Cassell, one of our amazing leaders of #innovatorsmindset Book Study

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.12.22 PM