Day 21: Connected Learning with Grade 3s

Written and shared by  Mark W. Carbone

Last week I became aware of an interesting approach to learning about Ontario communities with grade 3 classes. The idea is to involve people from around the province to submit picture clues about the community they live in. The clues are shared with the students, and student responses are tweeted (posted) back through a class or teacher based Twitter account.

The project takes on another level of connectedness by using a hashtag (Twitter conversation label) to collect all of the tweets on this topic into a searchable stream which can be viewed [here].

What an awesome way to bring a personal and connected context to the classroom.

I enjoyed an afternoon walk this weekend to take a few pictures to participate this week. I wonder how many clues it might take the students to guess where I live.

Here are some sample tweets from last week.

WhereAmI 1

possible answer

WhereAmI 2

This will be a great week in the connected learning world.   Consider participating!


Mark W. Carbone is the Chief Information Officer with the Waterloo Region District School Board, co-chair of OSAPAC and present of ECOO.

Follow on twitter here:  @markwcarbone

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