Tweets as Prompts

When I saw this tweet this morning, it reminded of a recent conversation with  Rod Lucier  where the point of discussion centred around the ideas that:

a) all positions have leadership components and
b) perhaps the best leadership position is the one you are in.

Using this tweet as a prompt, I think it is time worthy to reflect on the leadership traits described here.


What changes will you make to your practice?

Shared by Mark W. Carbone

3 thoughts on “Tweets as Prompts”

  1. I struggle with the balance between the first two – challenging the status quo and building trust. As we learn from Stephen Katz in Intentional Interruption, people don’t ordinarily go to work each day looking to be challenged. Finding a respectful, thoughtful, honouring way to challenge the status quo is key, and it’s a very individual, personal fine line.


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