Would you go back?

Today’s post is shared by Mark W. Carbone.

Over the last 8 years, one of the constants in my personal growth path, has been through my association with Powerful Learning Practice.  My PLP experiences as a learner, connector, collaborator, community builder and coach have truly been life changing for me.

I continue to enjoy learning through the #plpnetwork twitter stream. This tweet seems to be a perfect fit to the theme of this Picture and Post collaborative blogging project.


After reading  Why I Would Not Go Back to Offline Teaching  why not take a moment and share a reflection by leaving a comment here.  We look forward to learning from your sharing.

One thought on “Would you go back?”

  1. This has caused me to ask myself if I would, or could go back to offline teaching. Though I still do teach offline, edtech has become such a big part of what I do, so my own answer would be NO! If I had to go back, I would have serious questions about the relevance of education. I rely on edtech now for assessment, organization, access to web based tools, and began to use it heavily to build bridges for collaboration among students and staff. As I progress next year, I am looking at increased integration of Learning Management Systems, GAFE for documentation, ePortfolios and communication. I rely on these tools to motivate, learn, and teach. A great reminder of how far we have gone already with the tech revolution!


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