Monday, May 4, 2015: Twitter as a Library!

In Week 1, we are looking at all the ways we can collect the information we need for our personal professional learning.

How do we access information we need on Twitter? This doesn’t require a Twitter account.


(The hashtag that is partially covered in the screencast is #cdnedchat)

Please read this post: Twitter is a Public Library!

Search Twitter: No account required (here)

Try some of the hashtags provided in the blog post. You may also want to just search for words that interest you.  Play with this so that you feel confident with the search.


Ten Minutes of Connecting Day 5: Twitter is Where it is Happening (here)

The slides used to create the screencast can be viewed separately here.


Let’s build a collaborative document that lists the best hashtags for searching Twitter for educators.  Take a moment to fill in this form.

Be sure to share the link with others.  Fill out the form as many times as you like.  Ask your colleagues about their favourite hashtags and share them here.

The results will be shared in a Google Sheet here.


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