Last Call: What’s Your Next?

Since Simon Breakspear told Ontario Leaders that the entire world was waiting to find out what Ontario would do next, the OSSEMOOC team has been collecting video story clips of what Ontario educators actually intend to do next to grow as professionals and to ensure that every Ontario student learns.

We are putting the cap on the project today.  If you procrastinated, and you want to be part of this collaborative video, please send your 20 second clip to ossemooc at wordpress dot com today before 4 p.m.  Please be sure your name is in the filename of the video so we can give you proper credit.

Details of the project are here.

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful submissions.

Remember OSSEMOOC has a number of ongoing projects this month.  Scroll down for details.


We are still looking for the owner of this video file:

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 4.53.50 AM


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