#innovatorsmindset Online Book Study At A Glance

Welcome to the #ossemooc #ontedleaders #innovatorsmindset online book study!

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We are six education leaders in Ontario from 6 different school boards, supported by #ossemooc to provide learning opportunities for educators around The Innovator’s Mindset book by George Couros.

So far we have:

An ongoing Voxer Group: Join here

Three blog hops inspired by questions in the book.  We are still accepting responses so join in!  If blogging isn’t for you (yet), then please take a moment to comment on the blogs.

Blog Hop 1

Blog Hop 2

Blog Hop 3

Google Hangout on Air Book Talks and Twitter Chats

GHO on air 1

GHO on air 2

Twitter Chat 1

Twitter Chat 2

Coming up:  Tuesday March 8: Innovator’s Mindset Google Hangout on Air and Twitter Chat.



Tina Zita

Jennifer Casa-Todd

Lisa Noble

Patrick Miller

Stacey Wallwin

Leigh Cassell

(supported by Mark Carbone and Donna Fry)

images by Sylvia Duckworth



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