#InnovatorsMindset Blog Hop!

Welcome to our first event/activity to help share our thinking in the #innovatorsmindset #ossemooc book study.

Our first blog hop prompt is:

What Does Innovation Mean to You?

Share your thoughts on your own blog.  Fill out the form below (under the chart – scroll down!) with the link to your blog.

Use the links to read what educators think about innovation (please remember to scroll through the full list).


Continue to contribute your writing on this topic whenever you can.

We will host the live list on the #innovatorsmindset book club page for reference at any time.

Don’t have a blog? Get started here or sign up for our Beginner Blogging course starting next week.  Blogging is the perfect way to participate in the book club.  Own your own work!

You can also use the comments on this blog to share your thinking about innovation.

We can’t wait to read your reflections on this topic.  Let’s learn together!

Please fill out the form with the link to your blog here.

(There is a slight delay (~5 minutes) between filling out the form and the appearance of your blog on this list.  If it does not appear, please contact ossemooc at gmail dot com for support.)

*Featured image shared by Tina Zita.


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